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S.No Course No Course Tittle Faculty Name Sort descending Slot
1 EE6112 Topics in Random Processes and Concentrations ABHISHEK SINHA F
2 EE3001 Solid State Devices AMITAVA DAS GUPTA CP
3 EE2001 Digital Systems & Lab ANANTH KRISHNAN A
4 EE6345 Advanced Memory Technology Anbarasu Manivannan C
5 EE5160 Error Control Coding ANDREW THANGARAJ L
6 EE6502 Optical Signal Processing and Quantum Communication ANIL PRABHAKAR D
7 EE5320 Analog IC Design ANIRUDDHAN S D
8 EE6320 RF Integrated Circuits ANIRUDDHAN S H
9 EE3001 Solid State Devices ANJAN CHAKRAVORTHY CP
10 EE3005 Communication Systems ARAVIND R D
11 EE2005 Electrical Machines and Lab Arun Karuppaswamy B
12 EE2004 Digital Signal Processing ARUN PACHAI KANNU D
13 EE6415 Nonlinear Control Systems ARUNKUMAR D MAHINDRAKAR B
14 EE5180 Introduction to Machine Learning Avishek K
15 EE6430 Fundamentals of Linear Optimization BHARATH BHIKKAJI D
16 EE1100 Basic Electrical Engineering Bhaswar Chakrabarti E
17 EE6500 Integrated Optoelectronics Devices and Circuits BIJOY KRISHNA DAS A
18 EE3402 Sensing Techniques and Sensor Systems BOBY GEORGE E
19 EE5506 Fundamentals of Radar Technology CHRISTOPHER S L
20 EE5141 Introduction to Wireless and Cellular Communication DAVID KOILPILLAI A
21 EE6491 Advanced Topics in Instrumention DAVID KOILPILLAI C
22 EE3001 Solid State Devices DEBDUTTA RAY CP
23 EE5504 Fiber Optic Communication Technology DEEPA VENKITESH BT
24 EE3001 Solid State Devices DELEEP R NAIR CP
25 EE6346 Advanced CMOS Devices and Technology DELEEP R NAIR F
26 EE3005 Communication Systems DEVENDRA JALIHAL D
27 EE1102 Computer Programming DEVENDRA JALIHAL D
28 EE5343 Solar Cell Device Physics and Materials Technology ENAKSHI BHATTACHARYA G
29 EE1102 Computer Programming GANTI RADHA KRISHNAN D
30 EE6143 Advanced Topics in Communications GANTI RADHA KRISHNAN D
31 EE6320 RF Integrated Circuits GANTI RADHA KRISHNAN J
32 EE1101 Signals and Systems GAURAV RAINA E
33 EE6323 Wireless System Design GIRIDHAR K Q
34 EE3007 RF and Optical Communication HARISHANKAR RAMACHANDRAN C
35 EE2703 Applied Programming Lab HARISHANKAR RAMACHANDRAN RS
36 EE6505 Waveguides, Microwave Circuits, and Antennas HARISHANKAR RAMACHANDRAN G
37 EE6403 Transducers JAGADEESH KUMAR V E
38 EE6331 Embedded Memory Design Janakiraman S
39 EE2001 Digital Systems & Lab Janakiraman A
40 EE1100 Basic Electrical Engineering Jayaraj E
41 EE5702 Power Laboratory KALYAN KUMAR B R
42 EE6253 Power System Control and Stability KALYAN KUMAR B H
43 EE3203 Power Electronics KAMALESH HATUA B
44 EE5341 MOS Device Modeling & Characterization KARMALKAR S B
45 EE5176 Computational Photography KAUSHIK MITRA A
46 EE6150 Stochastic Modeling and the Theory of Queues KRISHNA JAGANNATHAN H
47 EE6258 DC Power Transmission Systems KRISHNA S D
48 EE6262 Advanced Motor Control KRISHNA VASUDEVAN F
49 EE5203 Switched Mode Power Conversion LAKSHMINARASAMMA N G
50 EE5260 Power Quality MAHESH KUMAR E
51 EE3110 Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers MANIVASAKAN R B
52 EE6130 Advanced Topics in Signal Processing MANSI SHARMA C
53 EE5002 Analysis of Networks & Systems MATHIAZAGAN C A
54 EE6402 Biomedical Electronic Systems MOHANASANKAR S G
57 EE6322 VLSI Broadband Communication Circuits NAGENDRA KRISHNAPURA C
58 EE3001 Solid State Devices NANDITA DAS GUPTA CP
59 EE5342 Compound Semiconductors - Properties and Applications NANDITA DAS GUPTA A
62 EE2019 Analog Systems and Lab Qadeer Ahmad Khan E
63 EE6433 Distributed Optimization for Control Rachel H
64 EE5175 Image Signal Processing RAJAGOPALAN A N B
65 EE2004 Digital Signal Processing RAMALINGAM C S D
66 EE6417 Allied Topics in Control Systems RAMKRISHNA PASUMARTHY C
67 EE1102 Computer Programming Ramya Balachandran D
68 EE5254 High Voltage Technology SARATHI R C
69 EE2019 Analog Systems and Lab Saurabh Saxena E
70 EE6321 VLSI Data Conversion Circuits SHANTHI PAVAN E
71 EE5323 Advanced Electrical Networks SHANTHI PAVAN B
72 EE1101 Signals and Systems SHANTI BHATTACHARYA E
73 EE5111 Estimation Theory SHEETAL KALYANI C
74 EE6501 Optical Sensors Shivananju E
75 EE3001 Solid State Devices SOUMYA DUTTA CP
76 EE5331 DSP Architectures & Embedded Systems SRIDHARAN K J
77 EE5112 Detection Theory SRIKRISHNA B A
78 EE5702 Power Laboratory SRIRAMA SRINIVAS R
79 EE2005 Electrical Machines and Lab SRIRAMA SRINIVAS B
80 EE5257 Energy Management Systems and SCADA SWARUP K S K
81 EE6506 Computational Electrogmagnetics Uday F
82 EE1101 Signals and Systems UMESH S E
83 EE1101 Signals and Systems VENKATESH R E
84 EE2001 Digital Systems & Lab VENKATESH T G A
85 EE5330 Computer-Aided Design and Analysis of Digital ICs VINITA VASUDEVAN G