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S.No Course No Course Tittle Sort descending Faculty Name Slot
1 EE6110 Adaptive Signal Processing GIRIDHAR K A
2 EE6700 Advanced Photonics Laboratory SHANTI BHATTACHARYA R,Q
3 EE6700 Advanced Photonics Laboratory DEEPA VENKITESH R,Q
4 EE6143 Advanced Topics in Communications VENKATESH R F
5 EE6254 Advanced Topics in Electrical Insulation SARATHI R B
6 EE6132 Advanced Topics in Signal Processing RAJAGOPALAN A N D
7 EE5400 Analog and Digital Circuits BOBY GEORGE F,Q
8 EE5400 Analog and Digital Circuits MATHIAZAGAN C F,Q
9 EE3002 Analog Circuits Saurabh Saxena E
10 EE3002 Analog Circuits NAGENDRA KRISHNAPURA E
11 EE5310 Analog Electronic circuits SHANTHI PAVAN E
12 EE5120 Applied Linear Algebra I for EE ANDREW THANGARAJ J
13 EE5120 Applied Linear Algebra I for EE ARUN PACHAI KANNU C
14 EE1100 Basic Electrical Engineering Anbarasu Manivannan E
15 EE1100 Basic Electrical Engineering Jayaraj E
16 EE1100 Basic Electrical Engineering ENAKSHI BHATTACHARYA E
17 EE1100 Basic Electrical Engineering Bhaswar Chakrabarti E
18 EE5151 Communication Techniques Avishek E
19 EE5011 Computer Methods in Electrical Engineering HARISHANKAR RAMACHANDRAN E,P
20 EE5253 Computer Methods in Power Systems Analysis KRISHNA S D
21 EE2003 Computer Organization NITIN CHANDRACHOODAN C
22 EE3004 Control Engineering BHARATH BHIKKAJI D
23 EE3004 Control Engineering SRIDHARAN K D
24 EE5121 Convex Optimization Uday L
25 EE4708 Data Analytics Laboratory GAURAV RAINA R
26 EE3313 Device Modelling AMITAVA DAS GUPTA G
27 EE6347 Devices and technologies for AI and neuromorphic computing Bhaswar Chakrabarti D
28 EE4140 Digital Communication Systems GIRIDHAR K B
29 EE4140 Digital Communication Systems DAVID KOILPILLAI B
30 EE5212 Digital Controller for power Applications LAKSHMINARASAMMA N R
31 EE5311 Digital IC Design Janakiraman G
32 EE5140 Digital Modulation and Coding SHEETAL KALYANI B
33 EE5130 Digital Signal Processing RAMALINGAM C S D
34 EE5262 Distributed Generation and Microgrid Systems MAHESH KUMAR G
35 EE2015 Electric Circuits & Networks ANJAN CHAKRAVORTHY C,L1
36 EE2015 Electric Circuits & Networks DEBDUTTA RAY C,L1
37 EE2015 Electric Circuits & Networks DELEEP R NAIR C,L1
38 EE2015 Electric Circuits & Networks HARISHANKAR RAMACHANDRAN C,L1
39 EE5204 Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy JHUNJHUNWALA ASHOK C
40 EE2025 Engineering Electromagnetics BIJOY KRISHNA DAS D
41 EE2025 Engineering Electromagnetics DEEPA VENKITESH D
42 EE2025 Engineering Electromagnetics ANIL PRABHAKAR D
43 EE2025 Engineering Electromagnetics Shivananju D
44 EE5143 Information Theory SRIKRISHNA B H
45 EE6326 Integrated Circuit Design and Testing NAGENDRA KRISHNAPURA Q
46 EE4371 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms GAURAV RAINA A
47 EE5410 Introduction to DSP UMESH S D
48 EE5500 Introduction to Photonics Shivananju G
49 EE5346 Introduction to Plastic Electronics SOUMYA DUTTA E
50 EE1102 Introduction to Programming DEVENDRA JALIHAL A1,P1, S1
51 EE1102 Introduction to Programming Janakiraman A1,P1, S1
52 EE1102 Introduction to Programming MANSI SHARMA A1,P1, S1
53 EE5413 Linear Dynamical Systems RAMKRISHNA PASUMARTHY C
54 EE5412 Mathematical Methods in System Engineering ARUNKUMAR D MAHINDRAKAR B
55 EE5401 Measurements and Instrumentation MOHANASANKAR S E,Q
56 EE5401 Measurements and Instrumentation JAGADEESH KUMAR V E,Q
57 EE2016 Microprocessor Theory+Lab MANIVASAKAN R B,Q,R
59 EE5201 Modelling and Analysis of Electric Machines KRISHNA VASUDEVAN G
60 EE6133 Multirate Digital Signal Processing ARAVIND R M
61 EE1103 Numerical Methods KRISHNA JAGANNATHAN A1,P1, S1
62 EE1103 Numerical Methods DEEPA VENKITESH A1,P1, S1
63 EE5502 Optical Engineering SHANTI BHATTACHARYA E,R
64 EE4502 Optics for Engineers SHANTI BHATTACHARYA E,R
65 EE5501 Photonics Laboratory ANIL PRABHAKAR S,T
66 EE5200 Power Converter Analysis and Design SRIRAMA SRINIVAS E
67 EE6200 Power Electronic Control of Electric Machines KAMALESH HATUA B
68 EE6203 Power Electronic System Design Arun Karuppaswamy F
69 EE3003 Power Systems KALYAN KUMAR B G
70 EE3006 Principles of Measurement BOBY GEORGE F,T
71 EE3006 Principles of Measurement MATHIAZAGAN C F,T
72 EE5110 Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers ABHISHEK SINHA A
73 EE3110 Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers PRADEEP SARVEPALLI A
74 EE3110 Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers KAUSHIK MITRA A
75 EE3110 Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers VENKATESH R A
76 EE3110 Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers ARAVIND R A
77 EE4348 Quantum Electronics and Lasers ANIL PRABHAKAR F
78 EE4348 Quantum Electronics and Lasers BIJOY KRISHNA DAS F
79 EE5347 Quantum Photonics Devices and Technology BIJOY KRISHNA DAS F
80 EE5313 Semiconductor Device Modelling KARMALKAR S A
81 EE6010 Smart Power Grids SWARUP K S A
82 EE7999 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering SWARUP K S
83 EE6999 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering SWARUP K S
84 EE6432 Stochastic Control PUDURU VISWANADHA REDDY J
85 EE6150 Stochastic Modeling and the Theory of Queues VENKATESH T G E
87 EE5505 Wave Propagation in Communication ANANTH KRISHNAN C